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June 02, 2005


Ann Coulter
Seven 'Extraordinary' Idiots

The North Koreans at least waited for the ink to dry on Clinton's 1996 "peace" deal before they set to work violating it by feverishly building nuclear weapons. After hoodwinking seven Republicans into a "compromise" deal, Senate Democrats waited exactly seven seconds before breaking it....

The seven Republicans we're not leaving in charge of the national treasury believed they could trust the Democrats to interpret "extraordinary circumstances" fairly. And why not? It's not as if the Democrats have behaved outrageously for the past four years using their minority status to block Bush's nominees. Oh wait — no, I have that wrong. The Democrats have behaved outrageously for the past four years using their minority status to block Bush's nominees.


Craige McMillan
Godless Christians?

From this end of history, it is hard to think of the American Civil Liberties Union as a source of contemptuous mirth, isn't it? Yet, you don't have to look back very far in history to see what a hollowed-out religion – with man at the center – looks like. The great, murderous movements of the 20th century were all about men and women removing God from the throne of their lives and replacing Him with something more to their liking. Communism, Nazism, socialism, fascism – all of the great "isms" of modern society not only missed their mark of providing a utopian paradise, they piled the corpses of skeptics and true believers alike halfway to heaven.


Paul McHugh
Annihilating Terry Schiavo

During the tumultuous final weeks in the life of Terri Schiavo, the young woman who died in a Florida hospice in April, press reports in the nation’s media typically focused on the bitter conflicts among members of her family over her treatment, disagreements among consultants over her state of consciousness, and the increasingly intense arguments in legislatures and the courts over her guardianship. Since her death, the case and the story of her death and dying have been mined for their bearing on our ongoing culture wars and for the debate over the place of “values” in our politics. In particular, the seeming failure of the Republican leadership to rally legislative support in favor of keeping her alive has been seized upon as evidence of the Right’s overreaching, and as a lesson in the ironies of ideology. In the words of a writer in the New York Times Magazine, “the heirs to Goldwater and Reagan seemed to forget how they came to control the values debate in America in the first place: not by interfering in the moral choices of families but by promising to stop government from doing exactly that.”

Many a hidden assumption lurks in that statement, not least concerning the (assumed) wishes of the dying woman herself. It is worth reminding ourselves, moreover, that she succumbed in the end by being deprived of food and water by order of the courts—which is to say, by order of government.

Posted by Danny Carlton at June 2, 2005 09:10 AM

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