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June 02, 2005

ESPN slams homeschoolers

From ESPN.com's article “How to be a Bee keeper”:

11. Stay away from home-schooled kids.
It goes without saying that these kids don't get out of the house much. There are 34 home-schooled competitors in this year's bee, including speller No. 142 Jack Ausick and speller No. 217 Benjamin Zachary Walter. The first home schooler won in 1997 and others followed, including Lala in '99 and Thampy in 2000. But kids that actually interact with other children at school have won three out of the last four bees.

Well, I suppose the kind of monosyllabic jocks that write for ESPN might not be aware of reality outside sports, but the fact is homeschooled kids get out much more than those kept at government schools. As a homeschooling dad I take my kids on frequent educational trips. Rather than subjecting them to the artificial, age-limited demographics of a government school classroom, homeschooled kids have the opportunity to interact with people of all ages, careers and cultures. Since homeschooling is much less time consuming than government schools, my kids have more free time than their government school counter parts, thus more opportunities to interact with a variety of people.

I doubt the article's author, Darren Rovell, would bothered to have done any actual research into the article he wrote, after all, I'm sure his lips are exhausted after just re-reading the article itself. But the facts are, kids who are doomed to government education are the disadvantaged ones -- confined to a small, controlled group, with only others their own age to interact with. It's no wonder the less ambitious ones eventually turn to such dead-end job as “sports writer”.

Posted by Danny Carlton at June 2, 2005 09:06 AM

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