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June 13, 2005

Homosexual activists try to use local schools to strike back at Washington church

From Agape Press:

For six years, Antioch Bible Church in Redmond has been renting district facilities for worship services to the tune of more than $140,000 a year. But now, the Lake Washington Education Association wants the church booted off campus, as the group claims the church's pastor is bigoted and intolerant of others.

The pastor of Antioch Bible Church is former NFL linebacker Ken Hutcherson, who recently threatened to launch a nationwide boycott of Microsoft if the company supported a bill in the state legislature that would have established sexual orientation as a civil right in Washington State. He feels that effort to take a public stand for his biblical beliefs on homosexuality may have also earned him some enemies.

"Microsoft backed off and took a neutral position," Hutcherson explains. "The bill failed by one vote, so we won." But now, it seems to the Christian minister that the pro-homosexual president of the Lake Washington Education Association "doesn't like my policies," he says, "so one way to get at me, I guess, is to try to get me out of the school."

Hutcherson believes homosexual activists are upset that he successfully lobbied Microsoft to withdraw support for the homosexual rights legislation. "When they saw a pastor who stood up to one of the largest businesses in the United States --you know, that 37 billion dollar business -- and [the company] backed off support of that bill," he says, "I think they were desperate."

Let me see if I understand this...kids are forbidden to pray at school, to mention Jesus or God (unless it's in the form of profanity) or even give Christmas cards...but homosexual activists can use the schools as their own personal weapons against people and groups they disagree with?

How does that work?

Posted by Danny Carlton at June 13, 2005 07:56 AM

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