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June 28, 2005

Israeli Court lifts homosexual parade ban

From the Christian Post:

An Israeli court on Sunday ordered the Jerusalem municipality to allow a gay pride parade to take place, reversing a ban last week by the city's mayor.

A judge charged the city of Jerusalem to pay 13,000, with half the amount coming from ultra-Orthodox Jewish Mayor Uri Lupolianski for trying to stop the June 30 event by gay rights group Jerusalem Open House. It also ordered the city to place the rainbow flag, symbol of the homosexual movement, over city hall and along the parade route.

Why would homosexuals want to parade in a city that's the hot spot for Moslem terrorists (who's only disagreement about homosexuals is how best to kill them) and Orthodox Jews? I can understand the desire for homosexuals to flaunt their immorality in the fact of those most opposed to them, and if it were just Jews, they'd probably be pretty safe. But with radical Moslems itching to blow people up? Maybe they assume that Moslems hate Jews more than they hate homosexuals. But then it's pretty rare that homosexuals in the Middle East flaunt themselves in the manner usually seen in these so-called “Gay Pride” parades.

Posted by Danny Carlton at June 28, 2005 08:29 AM

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