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June 16, 2005

Kansas Evolutionists get nasty

From the Lexington Herald-Leader:
(...inexplicably placed under the category “Iraq”)

A discussion about how evolution should be taught in public schools degenerated Wednesday into personal attacks among State Board of Education members.

The board is reviewing proposed standards drafted by three conservative members designed to expose students to more criticism of evolution in the classroom. During the discussion, four board members who want the standards to maintain their existing evolution-friendly tone assailed the proposal.

Bill Wagnon told the three conservative board members they were the "dupes" of intelligent design advocates, who presented what Wagnon said was bad science during public hearings in May.

"It is all based on absolute and total fraud," Wagnon said of the proposal.

But one of the three board members, Connie Morris, lectured the board's four moderates for not attending the public hearings in May, during which witnesses criticized evolutionary theory that natural chemical processes may have created the first building blocks of life, that all life has descended from a common origin and that man and apes share a common ancestor.

"Had you attended, you would have been informed," Morris said. "You would be sitting here as informed individuals and not arrogantly calling us dupes."

But remaining ignorant while calling others “uneducated” is how the religion of Evolution is done, so it's no surprise that these worshippers of the religion, follow suit.

Coverage: Stones Cry Out

Posted by Danny Carlton at June 16, 2005 06:58 AM

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