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June 08, 2005

Kerry and the 180 scam

From The American Spectator:

At no point has Kerry requested a full, nonredacted release of his military record from the National Personnel Record Center, which has custody of Kerry's complete record.

According to Steve Jones, a principal of Lyon Research, and a respected researcher, who specializes in culling data at the National Archives, the Library of Congress, and various military and museum repositories across the country, Kerry's full file could contain a number of other documents not released on Monday, such as documents that verify his status in the Reserves up to 1978.

But redirecting media and the public away from his full file appears to have been Kerry's plan all along, because he submitted his SF-180 to the wrong entity.

"It doesn't make sense that he is going through the Navy," says Jones. "Applying through the Navy gives this scenario the appearance of a personnel shuffle. Kerry said he applied to the Navy and the Boston Globe said they received his record from the Navy and that makes no sense when the relevant records are at the National Personnel Record Center, a part of the National Archives. By going through the Navy Kerry makes it appear that he is using the Navy to screen his file; he added a layer of bureaucracy when all he needed to do was sign an authorization allowing a third party to look at his record at the NPRC."

Why did so few see through this ruse? I knew something was fishy, and I doubted what the Boston Globe had was the full file, in spite of what they said.

It reminds me of when my oldest was about 3 years-old. We were eating oatmeal and muffins for breakfast, but he wanted to skip the oatmeal and go straight to the muffins. He'd made a dent in his oatmeal so I knew he'd at least eaten some, and the muffins were bran muffins.

“Eat some more of your oatmeal, then you can have a muffin,” I told him.

To my surprise he reached down and picked out one flake of oatmeal and popped it in his mouth, then turned to me with a straight face and said, “Okay, now?”

I turned to my wife, “He's gonna be a lawyer some day, just watch.”

I now see he'd be just as qualified as Democrat politician.

It's not what you think you said, but what he can pretend he thinks you said. That's the way it works. Kerry actually went further than the literal request, and not only signed his 180, but submitted it as well — just to the wrong government agency. Now he's looking at us with a feigned straight face and saying, “Okay, now?”

Coverage: Michelle Malkin, WizBang, Blogs for Bush, Right Wing News, The Anchoress, Euphoric Reality

Posted by Danny Carlton at June 8, 2005 09:01 AM

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