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June 08, 2005

Louisiana attempts to prevent Michael Schiavo-like murders

From LifeNews:

A Louisiana bill that would protect disabled or incapacitated patients like Terri Schiavo has received approval from the state House. The measure would prohibit the removal of feeding tubes from such patients who are unable to make their own medical decisions.

The legislation, sponsored by Rep. Gary Beard, a Republican, presumes that any patient who couldn't make his own decision about receiving food and water should be entitled to such care unless they had an advance directive stipulating otherwise.

Current state law allows feeding tubes to be removed if there is not any language in a living will saying not to do so.

Beard said the measure is needed to prevent the starvation death of Louisiana patients in similar situations as Terri Schiavo.

There are several problems with this. First of all as has been clearly seen, regardless what laws are passed some moron judge will ignore it and order just the opposite. Second, regardless of what laws are passed, some moron hospice administrator will simply ignore it and at the request of whatever relative wants the person killed, will go ahead and do it, and simply claim it was for [insert ludicrous reason here] reasons. As in the case of Mae Magouirk the patient's legal and written orders are meaningless when an unscrupulous and greedy relative has managed to connived the person into signing over power-of attorney. State laws need to be very specific just to avoid the obvious loopholes. Then there's the problem of so many people thinking they wouldn't want to be hooked up to a machine, without ever really thinking about the possibility of being unplugged from a machine when they want to live.

We live in a very selfish era when the media has convinced people that being less than perfect in unthinkable. So obviously if you're dependant on a machine, the polite thing to do is let your relatives kill you so you won't be a bother to them. I mean that's what we do to babies already, so why not the elderly and infirmed. And while we're at it lets throw in the physically and mentally handicapped. Then there are ugly people, fat people, the not-quite-so smart people. We can toss them out while we're “mercifully” “allowing” the rest to die. The list could go on and on, and did, back when a strange Austrian man with a tiny mustache was doing in in Germany.

I applaud the Louisianans for doing what apparently few other states have the testicular fortitude to do, but I doubt it'll make a very big difference.

Posted by Danny Carlton at June 8, 2005 09:18 AM

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