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June 06, 2005

Marines discover huge bunker near Baghdad

From the Associated Press...

U.S. troops have discovered a huge insurgent bunker complex dug into a quarry in western Iraq, with air conditioning, showers and a large stockpile of weapons, the American military said.

The Marines said the complex was 170 meters (yards) wide and 275 meters long, making it one of the biggest insurgent hideouts discovered in Iraq. They said nobody was in the bunker when it was found.

"Within the various rooms making up the facility, Iraqi security and coalition forces discovered four fully furnished living spaces, a kitchen with fresh food, two shower facilities and a working air conditioner," said Captain Jeffrey Pool of the 2nd Marine Division.

"In one portion of this insurgent lair, coalition forces and Iraqi security forces found numerous types of machine guns, ordnance including mortars, rockets and artillery rounds, black uniforms, ski masks, compasses, log books, night vision goggles, and fully charged cell phones."

The bunker system was close to the town of Karma near Falluja, around 50 km (30 miles) west of Baghdad.

Wait just one second!! That big of a thing, that close to Baghdad, and they're just now finding it?!? How can that be? The Liberal hand-wringers have assured us that there are no weapons of mass destruction (using their definition, since they apparently don't think almost a gallon of sarin gas, that could conceivably kill thousands of people, a WMD) so if they “know” there are no WMD in Iraq, how come they didn't know about this bunker? Is it possible in a country with 166,859 square miles of mostly, hot sand, that it might be possible to hide something large, so that people couldn't find it?

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Posted by Danny Carlton at June 6, 2005 08:33 AM

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