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June 09, 2005

Massachusetts debates spanking

From The Boston Channel:

Should parents be allowed to spank their children? Massachusetts lawmakers will be debating that question following the filing of a bill that would ban corporal punishment in the commonwealth.

NewsCenter 5's Kelly Tuthill reported that state Rep. James Marzilli, Jr., of Arlington, Mass., is one of the sponsors of the bill, which prohibits everything from spanking to "hot saucing," which involves putting undiluted Tabasco sauce in a child's mouth....

But now, lawmakers are considering making "the willfull infliction of physical pain on children under 18," illegal. The measure would prohibit corporal punishment including whipping, spanking and pinching. Also forbidden would be washing a child's mouth out with soap and administering electric shocks.

The bill comes two weeks after Brookline, Mass., Town Meeting passed a non-binding resolution encouraging parents not to spank. The Supreme Judicial Court addressed the issue after a Woburn, Mass., minister used a belt to spank his 9-year-old son. In 1999, he was cleared when the SJC ruled that parents have a right to spank their children if it does not cause substantial risk of injury.

Did I miss it and crime has disappeared in Massachusetts? No, then how the heck do these idiots expect parents to teach their children to respect law and order?

Another ironic aspect of this is that in spite of what the legislature will do, it appear the Massachusetts's Supreme Court (which the call the Supreme Judicial Court) has already ruled that parents may spank their children. Will they continue with that and make any law void as they did with homosexual marriage, or will they change their mind and let the law stand?

And if you're wondering...it would be much, much better were this handled by the voters ousting the idiot legislators, but there are legal grounds to hold that parents have a Constitutional right to raise their children as they see fit, without being hamstrung by moron Liberals who can't even raise their own kids.

Coverage: Right Wing News

Posted by Danny Carlton at June 9, 2005 08:08 AM

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