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June 21, 2005

Michael Schiavo still an adulterous, murdering slimewad

From Tampa Bay Online:

After being criticized by her parents, Bob and Mary Schindler, for failing to tell them his plans for her remains, Michael Schiavo had her interred at Sylvan Abbey Memorial Park in Clearwater, his attorney, George Felos, said in a short news release.

Felos did not say in the statement why Michael Schiavo decided to keep his wife's remains in Florida. He did not immediately return a phone call seeking additional information.

A service at the cemetery officiated by a priest, the statement said. Michael Schiavo and at least one his brother attended.

"Mrs. Schiavo's parents, as ordered by the court, have been advised of the exact location of Mrs. Schiavo's site," Felos' statement said.

The Schindler's attorney, David Gibbs, said Felos notified his office via fax later Monday afternoon, after the service. The Schindlers had already starting getting calls from reporters about it when his office called to tell them, Gibbs said.

"We were not notified (in advance) in any respect of any service or any memorial, and clearly that's sad for the family," Gibbs said.

Gee, now why would a woman's parents want to be at her funeral?

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel has more of Mike's stupidity:

A pond and fountain also mark the woman's grave site, which was festooned with flowers Monday evening. The flat bronze marker lists Terri Schiavo's birthdate, Dec. 3, 1963 and says she “departed this earth” on Feb. 25, 1990, and was “at peace” on March 31, 2005.

Inscribed at the bottom is, “I kept my promise.”

Which promise would that be? Obviously not any marriage vows. Perhaps it's in reference to some ugly promise to murder her and get away with it.


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Posted by Danny Carlton at June 21, 2005 11:05 AM

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You are clearly unamerican.

You presume a man guilty without any trials and contrary to all available evidence.

In fact the available evidence suggests the Schindlers are bald faced liars since every claim they ever made of abuse and neglect of their daughter was determined to be without merit and unsupported by evidence according to the state of Florida. More than 89 proven lies and counting.

Those who love Christ love truth. You know the truth but you turn away from it and instead embrace those who decieve at every opportunity, in fact you help them spread their lies and their hatred.

What kind of slimewad does that make you, Danny?

Posted by: Amazed at June 27, 2005 07:17 PM

I'm not a court of law, therefore I can offer the very logical observation that Michael Schiavo is guilty of murder. There is no evidence showing the Schindlers have lied. They haven't.

Now I'm being lectured on being a good Christian by a Nazi trying to rationalize the torture and murder of an innocent woman.

Posted by: Danny Carlton at June 28, 2005 01:52 PM

micheal schiavo is a cold blooded murderer. I hope God has as much mercy on him as he had for his wife

Posted by: sharon donathon at July 6, 2005 09:40 PM

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