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June 15, 2005

Moslem extremists win battle...in Vermont

From WCAX-TV in Burlington, Vermont:

Construction isn't the only change in the Champlain Valley Union High School gym. Next fall, after the sawdust clears, the teams that play here won't be called the Crusaders.

"I believe it came from a t-shirt that had a religious symbol on it. Some students thought that was offensive. We're a public school and we're trying to maintain separation of church and state," explains Alex Anderson of the CVU Mascot Committee....

But some people don't want a change at all.

"I've always known it to be the crusader, that really represents who we are as a school, nothing to do with what is historically -- we've made it into what we are," says CVU sophomore Senja Kling.

The Crusades have been the victim of some hateful, revisionist history. They were intended to free the Holy Land from invading Moslems, who were destroying cities and homes. That these sniveling, whiners in Vermont would rather display intolerance toward Christianity than stand up for the freedoms so many died to provide them, is shameful.

Posted by Danny Carlton at June 15, 2005 07:01 AM

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