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June 23, 2005

PCUSA: Dying and clueless

From the Christian Post:

In a commentary released with the annual statistical report that revealed the 2004 membership drop, the Rev. Clifton Kirkpatrick, stated clerk of the General Assembly [Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)], said the Church would only become a growing one “if we begin on our knees, praying for forgiveness for our timidity in evangelism and seeking God's renewal so that we lose our image as God's 'frozen chosen' and become instead joyful evangelists who actively share the good news of the gospel."

Although the PC(USA) remains the ninth-largest denomination in the United States, the 2004 membership drop was the second-largest of the past decade and continued a trend dating to the mid-1960s, according to PC(USA) News.

They obviously don't read my blog, do they.

Posted by Danny Carlton at June 23, 2005 08:41 AM

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