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June 06, 2005

Pentagon confirms "disrespect" for Koran

From USAToday...

U.S. military officials say no guard at the Guantanamo Bay prison for terror suspects flushed a detainee's Koran down the toilet, but they disclosed that a Muslim holy book was splashed with urine.

In other newly disclosed incidents, a detainee's Koran was deliberately kicked and another's was stepped on.

On March 25, a detainee complained to guards that "urine came through an air vent" and splashed on him and his Koran. A guard admitted he was at fault, but a report released Friday evening offering new details about Koran mishandling incidents did not make clear whether the guard intended the result.

In another confirmed incident, water balloons thrown by prison guards caused an unspecified number of Korans to get wet, and in a confirmed but ambiguous case, a two-word obscenity was written in English on the inside cover of a Koran.

No word if Islamic leaders have even blinked over Moslems using the Bible as toilet paper.

Larry Miller said it best...

Can anyone picture the Jews strapping belts of razor blades and dynamite to themselves? Of course not. Or marshalling every fiber and force at their disposal for generations to drive a tiny Arab state into the sea? Nonsense. Or dancing for joy at the murder of innocents? Impossible. Or spreading and believing horrible lies about the Arabs baking their bread with the blood of children? Disgusting. No, as you know, left to themselves in a world of peace, the worst Jews would ever do to people is debate them to death.

Although I think you could substitute “Christians” for ”Jews” in that, and it would be as accurate. Okay, except for the “...debate them to death” part.

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Posted by Danny Carlton at June 6, 2005 08:35 AM

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