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June 09, 2005

Planned Genocide loses again

From LifeNews:

A Missouri judge has ordered two Planned Parenthood abortion businesses to pay back over $650,000 in public funds back to the state. The abortion facilities indicate they will appeal the decision.
County Circuit Judge Werner Moentmann ruled that a prohibition on state family planning dollars going to affiliates of abortion businesses was constitutional.

The battle over the money has gone on for years and a similar lawsuit made its way to the state Supreme Court before being dismissed. The state's high court did not rule on the arguments in the case.

Moentmann's decision is the third time a judge has said the abortion business was not entitled to the money.

According to an AP report, Gov. Matt Blunt praised the ruling, saying it was "very encouraging to see a court embracing the culture of life that Missourians hold dear."

Two in two days!! it used to be that they used the ACLU, corrupt judges and a wild mis-interpretation of the RICO laws to terrorize pretty much anyone that got in their way. Now they're on the defensive. It'll be great when they finally crumple like they should have done long, long ago. I wonder if the fact that PP's founder Margaret Sanger is being exposed for the racist she was, since her books are now out of copyright and can no longer be hidden by PP, is the reason they no longer have the support they used to?

Posted by Danny Carlton at June 9, 2005 08:16 AM

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