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June 24, 2005

Progressive “Christians” attempt to organize

From the BBC:

A group of progressive Christians in the US have launched a new political movement to counter what they describe as the power of the religious right.

The Christian Alliance for Progress aims to "reclaim Christianity" and influence the political agenda.

"We can no longer stand by and watch people speak hatred, division, war and greed in the name of our faith," said Patrick Mrotek, the Alliance's founder.

The body joins other liberal religious groups formed around the 2004 election.

The first problem these wolves in sheep's clothing will encounter is that real Christians will not be very influenced by fake Christians trying to talk them into redefining Christianity. The next problem they'll face is a quickly shrinking power base. Liberal denominations have been shriveling for decades now, and this effort will only hasten the flight of people from fake churches.

From WJXT-TV in Jacksonville, Florida:

We're here because we can no longer stand by and watch people speak hatred, division, war and greed in the name of our faith," [Patrick] Mrotek [local businessman and founder of the Alliance] said [at a news conference Thursday]. "We're here because Christianity is being used by radical leaders of the religious right as they seek to marginalize gay and lesbian people; to criminalize desperate, pregnant women; to suppress scientific information and honest information about human reproduction and replace them with ignorance."

In other words anyone against freeing the Iraqi and Afghani people and who recognize what the Bible actually says about the immorality of homosexual activity, is an extremist. Right. That'll convince those “swing voters” in the next election.

For a more detailed analysis of the myth of Religious Right Extremism, read Glenn  Reynold's Monolithic view of America and What is a Theocracy?.

Coverage: The Narrow

Posted by Danny Carlton at June 24, 2005 09:29 AM

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