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June 14, 2005

Sex in government schools

From WorldNetDaily:

Shrewsbury, Mass., school officials are defending as a vital way to stay informed about health risks a survey passed out to 11-and 12-year-olds that included questions about oral sex.

But the father of one 12-year-old student said his daughter is too young to be asked how many oral sex partners she's had.

"This is not something for the schools,'' said outraged dad Mark Fisher. "This is something between parents and children, not children and teachers. It seems like parents are purposely kept in the dark about this.''

School committee President Deborah Peeples said parents were allowed to view the survey ahead of time, but were not able to take a copy home to review before their children answer it.

Reading between the lines: That could easily mean they sent home some lengthy, boring, legalese form for the parents to sign, that had hidden on it somewhere, mention that the parents could review the quiz.

Fisher would not allow his daughter to take the survey and is asking the schools to change their policy about how it is issued. Parents now must request their child not be given the survey. Fisher wants schools to require parental permission before it is issued....

The survey contains questions about alcohol and tobacco use, sexual behaviors, dietary behaviors and other issues. The state Department of Education compiles the information to see what issues are affecting students to plan health education and risk-prevention programs.

With all the news about teachers having sex with students in government schools, it makes you wonder if maybe the quiz is some sort of scouting tool.

Hey, I'm just saying...

Posted by Danny Carlton at June 14, 2005 07:02 AM

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