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June 28, 2005

Southern Baptists urged to watch government schools carefully

From AgapePress:

Southern Baptists passed a resolution last week at their annual meeting calling on churches to investigate what impact the homosexual agenda is having on public schools. In its original form, the resolution -- authored by black evangelist Voddie Baucham and author Bruce Shortt -- also called for parents to remove their children from schools found to be using pro-homosexual curriculum or programs. But the resolution approved by Southern Baptist delegates in Nashville was amended to remove that aspect, presumably because many in the denomination view public schools as a "mission field" for their Christian children.

I've heard that “government schools are a mission field” nonsense before. If you're an adult and want to teach, that's fine, but sending young, impressionable kids into an atmosphere hostile to Christianity is just plain stupid. Yes, there are some government schools that aren't as bad, but they are getting fewer and further between.

All Christian parents should be prepared to homeschool so that if they find that the government school their kids are going to is teaching against Christianity, they can pull them out. And it shouldn't be a matter of “accidentally” finding it out. You don't “accidentally” find out what you kids are eating every day do you? No you prepare it and try to make it healthy. The same goes for their education. Parents should be involved, and know what's going on. If you aren't getting a rundown of what's happened at school that day, then it's no better than letting your kids eat Captain Crunch for every meal, without bothering to check what it is they're eating.

Posted by Danny Carlton at June 28, 2005 07:57 AM

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