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June 29, 2005

Southern Baptists remain firm in stance against Homosexuality

From the Baptist Press:

The Southern Baptist Convention did not change its stance on homosexuality or homosexuals during its annual meeting in Nashville, SBC ethicist Richard Land said.

Some national media sources reported that Southern Baptists modified their stance on homosexuality during their June 21-22 sessions. “Baptists change approach on gays” was the headline in a front page article in the Nashville Tennessean. The article opened by suggesting the SBC “appears to have taken a step back from its hard-line stance on homosexuality.” ...

Southern Baptists remain centered on the biblically based truth that people in the homosexual lifestyle, like anyone in sin, need God’s grace to leave that lifestyle behind, said Land, president of the SBC’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission.

Homosexuality “is not inborn,” Land emphasized in an interview, echoing comments made during the video.

“Homosexuality is a choice that is influenced by many factors,” the SBC leader added.

“One of the dirty, little secrets of the homosexual movement is that a significant majority of adult male homosexuals were introduced into the homosexual lifestyle by molestation when they were children,” Land said, noting that many lesbians are in the homosexual lifestyle because of “male sexual abuse when they were children.”

“This is not even a controversial statement, except within the homosexual and lesbian community who don’t want to admit it,” Land continued.

It's important for Southern Baptist, as well as all Christians to distance themselves from such idiots as Fred Phelps, and those who preach a false theology of hatred toward people, rather than love. Homosexuality is a sin, and those who engage in it need to repent and stop doing it. But they also need to know that we as Christians love and support them as children of God, regardless of what sin they are in. We must never condone the sin, but must love the person.

On the other hand there is a movement among homosexuals as well as other Libertines that teaches that unless a person endorses homosexuality as moral, they are expressing hate. This is itself a hateful approach since it is embraces the very intolerance it pretends to support.

The world gets confused at who is on what side, since there are so many different approaches to each side. And many on the Left are too bigoted to comprehend that one can oppose homosexuality without hating homosexuals.

Posted by Danny Carlton at June 29, 2005 07:48 AM

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