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June 06, 2005

Swiss voters relax borders and morals

From Fox News...

A narrow majority of Swiss voters approved joining a European Union passport-free zone, abolishing checks on the country's border by 2007, according to final results from a two-issue national referendum Sunday.

In a second vote, a larger majority favored granting more rights to same-sex couples in the first national referendum on such an issue in Europe.

I really can't figure out the Swiss these days. For 400 years they have been free of the nonsense that has plagued the rest of Europe. While WWII raged around them -- Germany on their north, France to their west, Austria to their east and Italy to their south -- they were completely surrounded by the Axis powers, yet remained completely neutral and untouched. One of the reasons is that every Swiss male, must join the military, and for the rest of his life keep, maintain, and have ready his military issued rifle. (BTW, the crime rate in Switzerland is extremely low).  They aren't a part of the EU and do not use the Euro.

But now, as several EU members are showing signs of leaving the poorly run union, Switzerland gives it a boost by joining its list of “passport free” nations.

The answer, I'm pretty sure, lies in the other referendum, which passed by a wide margin. The immorality that has swept Europe hasn't left Switzerland untouched, and that may be why the Swiss people no longer value the strength their neutrality has provided them. As they abandon basic morality, a socialist/Collectivist mindset can't be too far behind, because lacking a foundation in morality, it becomes the “logical” next step. There must be something larger than the individual, that keeps one person from bashing the next over the head with a rock. If it's not God, then it must be the state.

The Associate Press reports...

For 400 years, Switzerland's Alpine peaks and strict neutrality have kept the rest of Europe at bay. The Swiss have prided themselves on not being a member of the bloc, and they do not use the European currency, the euro.

Swiss President Samuel Schmid hailed the referendum as backing for the coalition government's plans to develop closer links with the rest of Europe.

...and so the kingdom falls.

Posted by Danny Carlton at June 6, 2005 08:34 AM

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