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June 10, 2005

Tech school rejects homeschoolers

From ArgusLeader.com:

A Valley Springs [, South Dakota] teen who was home-schooled is being rejected for admission in a program at Southeast Technical Institute because the school requires a high school diploma....

The school has kept the policy despite the state dropping the requirement several years ago, [admissions director Tracy] Noldner said....

But Scott knows of at least one recent graduate who was admitted to Southeast without a diploma or GED after being educated at home....

Scott and his mother, who has taught her son and his five siblings at home, say getting a GED seems like an unnecessary extra step to take. It would take time and cost extra, the younger Scott said.

"He completed high school. We follow the laws of the state," said Jannell Scott. "We don't want special treatment. We just want equal treatment."

Besides, her son's score of 21 on his ACT should be proof that he is academically ready for Southeast, she said. "He could very likely get into a college or university," she said.

Southeast doesn't require students to take the ACT....

Yeah, I'm wondering why he wants to go to some school too stupid to realize homeschoolers make better students. Then again, I'm glad he's putting up a fight, because this kind of stupidity needs to be stopped.

While Jordan Scott's first choice of schools is Southeast, he also is looking into attending USDSU....

Tracy Welsh, director of admissions at South Dakota State University, said home-schoolers need to provide a transcript of the classes they took and an ACT test score. Admission is based on the standardized test score, she said.

Nonhigh school graduates need a composite score of at least 18 and an 18 in English and a 20 in math. At Augustana, prospective students need a minimum ACT score of 20, said Nancy Davidson, dean of admissions....

Students schooled at home have typically had higher-than-average ACT scores and are academically prepared to make it in college, Welsh said.

"Typically, a student is going to have a 25 or higher if they're a home-schooled student," she said. "They're just prepared academically. There's no question."

USDSU is campus in Sioux Falls that offers classes from the University of South Dakota, South Dakota State University and Dakota State University.

Sounds like the tech school needs to get an education in how not to be closed-minded educrats.

Posted by Danny Carlton at June 10, 2005 09:00 AM

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