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June 03, 2005

Ten-year-old sues principal for banning Bibles

From WorldNetDaily:

A 10-year-old elementary school student filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against district officials for barring students from reading and discussing the Bible during recess.

Luke Whitson and his parents, represented by the Alliance Defense Fund, claim Principal Cathy Summa at Karns Elementary School in the Knox County district in Tennessee violated constitutional rights by stopping a playground Bible study.

I reported this story back when they were just threatening the lawsuit. It seems the school's administration wants to waste money on a lawsuit they are doomed to lose.

Summa insists she did not ban Bibles from school and the Knox County district, through a statement by Superintendent Charles Lindsey, said the principal objected to Bible study at recess, which school officials do not consider "free time."

Lindsey emphasized students can have Bible study groups "outside the classroom environment."

But ADF attorneys, who say school officials have given only an "evasive" response through the media, contend recess is "non-instructional time regardless of how the school system tries to characterize it after the fact."

"The Constitution says 'yes' to Bible reading and discussion outside of class time," said ADF Senior Legal Counsel Nate Kellum.

Seems like a pretty petty point for the school to gamble so much taxpayer money on, doesn't it.

Posted by Danny Carlton at June 3, 2005 07:39 AM

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