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June 14, 2005

This is what homosexuals are proud of?

From WorldNetDaily:

A group of Christian protesters claims a "militant homosexual mob" threatened them with physical violence at Philadelphia's Gay Pride parade, a city-funded event that included simulated sex acts on some of the floats.

Repent America, a local organization that saw four of its members acquitted of criminal charges after a similar confrontation last fall, says one float at the parade Sunday featured women, partially dressed in tight leather, bending over with their buttocks exposed and being spanked with hands, whips, and other objects....

[Repent America's director, Michael] Marcavage says he plans to provide video footage of Sunday's "illegal behavior" to Philadelphia Mayor John Street and the City Council, demanding "that they answer for their funding of these types of events, and for the police's refusal to enforce the law."

Philly Pride Presents, the group that organized the parade, has received $20,000 annually since 2001 from the city's Department of Commerce through Street's economic stimulus program, according to Marcavage.

I think the city leader may be misunderstanding what the Greek meaning of the city's name means.

Nevertheless, I have to wonder why so many homosexuals would participate in a parade that some choose to use to flaunt their outrageous behavior. Typically when an extremist group uses a forum to push their views, the rest leave and use a different forum in order to separate themselves from that message. But here we have homosexuals all parading together, apparently with no concern that some wish to convey that homosexuality is about exploring deviancy. Seems an odd message to be sending while, at the same time, trying to convince the general population that they're “just like everyone else”

Posted by Danny Carlton at June 14, 2005 07:01 AM

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You are right. Mayor Street is a lunatic. However, this Marcavage guy is doing Christianity no service. He is going around Philadelphia saying that gay people ought to be stoned to death. Literally.


Posted by: Nancy at June 14, 2005 08:39 AM

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