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June 03, 2005

UK Hospital debates removing Gideon Bibles

From the Daily Telegraph:

The century-old tradition of bibles in hospital bedside lockers could be ended in one health trust today after officials decided they might offend ethnic minorities.

Senior executives at the University of Leicester NHS Trust said it was also concerned that the books helped to spread the MRSA bacteria and it would rule on whether to remove them from wards.

The proposal angered Christians and Muslims who accused the hospital of political correctness.

Now, I was impressed when I read that Moslem groups were also complaining about the ban. Generally they don't go out of their way to defend the Bible/ Then I read further and found out...

Suleman Nagdi, of Leicestershire's Federation of Muslim Organisations, said: "This is a Christian country and it would be sad to see the tradition end."

Resham Singh Sandu, Sikh chairman of the Council of Faiths, said: "I don't think many ethnic minority patients would object to the Bible in a locker."

So what we have is Moslems and Sikhs defending the religious liberties of Christians (and Jews), and a media source that actually reports it rather than hiding it, as more often than not happens.

Of course quite a few Canadian hospitals have already removed their Gideon Bibles.

Posted by Danny Carlton at June 3, 2005 07:39 AM

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The Guardian has a story called "Row as hospital Bibles linked to bug" at http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk_news/story/0,3604,1499112,00.html in which the hospital officials are claiming they're worried more about Bibles possibly helping to spread infections, etc., and are swearing it's not an anti-Christian matter at all...

Posted by: Kathryn Judson at June 4, 2005 08:45 PM

The liberals won't stop until we are a secular nation.

Posted by: Jay at June 6, 2005 07:26 AM

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