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June 21, 2005

University of Toledo reverses policy of anti-Christian discrimination

From AgapePress:

A federal lawsuit has prompted an Ohio university to relent in its discrimination against a Christian student group. The chapter of the Christian Legal Society (CLS) at the University of Toledo has been granted official recognition after being initially denied access to funding and meeting space on campus.

The university had originally refused to renew the registered status of the group, alleging its requirement that club members and officers adhere to a statement of Christian faith violated the school's non-discrimination policy. But after CLS filed suit against the school, the university changed its mind and agreed to recognize the group.

CLS litigation counsel Tim Tracey says now that a settlement has been reached with the University of Toledo, the campus CLS chapter feels vindicated.

"It is the University of Toledo recognizing that Christian student groups have a First Amendment right to define their membership requirements," Tracey explains, "and what they have said is that their nondiscrimination policy does not prohibit religious student groups from selecting their officers and members on the basis of religion."

CLS has won similar legal battles this past year at Ohio State University, Penn State University, and Washburn University. Tracey says he hopes the settlement victory at the four colleges will cause other schools that are currently discriminating against CLS clubs to rethink their actions.

As long as they have other people's money to waste on idiocy like that, Universities will continue to ignore common sense, and discriminate. It's their nature to be stupid. For example...

An Alabama community college has been found guilty of reverse discrimination after firing a white teacher because of her race.

A federal jury in Mobile has determined a decision by Bishop State Community College to fire history instructor Sarah Taylor was racially motivated, and the school's justification for her termination was unacceptable. Bishop State administrators dismissed Taylor in 2001 so they could give her job to a black teacher. The jury awarded Taylor $300,000 in damages for back pay and emotional distress and anguish.

Whenever you have groups of people identified, by default, as “intellectual” they will eventually abandon any pretense of actual thinking, and start behaving like morons. There's no incentive for real logic and thought, so they get stupid. No, not all of them, but enough to make life difficult for the students and many of the employees of these Institutions.

Posted by Danny Carlton at June 21, 2005 11:04 AM

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