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June 14, 2005

Why does Google like me?

I don't like them. In fact I rag on them every chance I get. I don't use Google. I always use Yahoo, but then they'd wouldn't know that since I took out the spy devices they planted in my house. (That last bit was just a joke. I feel the need to explain that it's a joke because inevitably there's someone out there that is unable to understand satire)

I was checking through my traffic logs and noticed that I'm number 20 on Google's results for the keyword “deepthroat”. Here are some other of my high rankings:

#1 for the keywords “pope benedict the sixteenth”
#1 for “explaining science questions”
#1 for “pictures of world's largest catfish”
#3 for “blog etiquette”
#3 for “what's your ability”
#3 and 4 for “MSM lies”
#3 and 4 for “Mae Magouirk”
#5 and 6 for “Maqouirk”
(...although much rather she lived to enjoy a few more years)
#5 for “world's largest catfish”
#8 for “school district ban blogs”

But then I also have some high rankings on Yahoo:
#2 (and technically #1) for “missing girl in aruba 1998”
(...another one I wish had been under for a more positive reason)

But the strangest one is on MSN:
#1 for “hard core sex porn”

Posted by Danny Carlton at June 14, 2005 06:12 PM

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