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July 11, 2005

8th “circus” court rejects partial birth abortion ban

From the Baptist Press:

A federal appeals court upheld July 8 a lower-court opinion striking down the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act.

A three-judge panel of the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis ruled unanimously that the 2003 federal law was unconstitutional because it does not include an exception to protect the health of the mother. The measure prohibits an abortion procedure performed on a nearly totally delivered unborn child normally in the fifth or sixth month of pregnancy.

Think about it. The baby is almost all the way out, then stabbed in the back of the head to murder it. The ban would have prevented the stabbing part, and replaced it with bringing the live baby (as opposed to the corpse) out. Somehow the morons that managed to get themselves on this court are too stupid to understand that the difference between a partial birth abortion and a live birth has absolutely no affect on the health of the mother. It would be the same either way — she gives birth to a baby (either dead or alive). They might as well have said it was unconstitutional because it didn't allow for dancing gnomes from Norway. It would have made just as must sense.

This underscores the immense importance of getting some Supreme Court justices with actual gray matter between their ears to replace Rehnquist and O'Connor, not to mention the other judicial vacancies.

Where in the world did these idiots come from?!?

Posted by Danny Carlton at July 11, 2005 07:38 AM

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