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July 27, 2005

Are Massachusetts Yankees longing for the Ole South?

From the Washington Post...

Amid the staid Yankee surroundings of this western Massachusetts town, the recently installed signs bear the outline of the state of Alabama, squashed to fit the square shape.

[Joe Pipczynski, Easthampton's superintendent of public works] believes the contractor opened the federal manual governing the appearance of highway signs. The example there shows a sign for Route 21 in Alabama, including an outline of the state surrounding the numbers. In Massachusetts, the signs are supposed to be simple black numbers on a white background.

Pipczynski thinks the contractor's staffers sent the example to the sign maker and got exactly what they asked for.

This is what happens when you use government schools to try to convert kids to homosexuality and arrest those parents that object to it rather than teaching things like ....oh....Geography!!

Posted by Danny Carlton at July 27, 2005 07:44 AM

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