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July 13, 2005

Around the Blogosphere

Spain Learns That Capitulation Buys Nothing

Michelle Malkin

Bloggers Surprised that Van Gogh Murderer Not a Nice Person

Outside the Beltway, Captain's Quarters, HyScience, GOP Bloggers, IsraPundit, Cao's Blog

Stevens Retiring, Too?!?

Outside the Beltway, Professor Bainbridge, PoliBlog, What Attitude Problem?

Tax Revenues Up in Spite of Dubyanomics

Shhhh, apparently the MSM don't know yet.

Outside the Beltway, Blogs for Bush, GOP Bloggers

Bolton May Accept Recess Appointment

Captain's Quarters, Outside the Beltway

Malveaux is the new Churchill

Incidentally, did you know that in French, mal veaux means “bad calves”.

WizBang, Michelle Malkin, Ace of Spades

Liberals Demand Rove's Removal

Yes, the same Liberals that said Clinton's perjury wasn't a big deal

WizBang, GOP Bloggers

Durbin uses one of Clinton's tactics

Yes, the ole “audit all opposition” maneuver

WizBang, Outside the Beltway, GOP Bloggers, Cao's Blog

Posted by Danny Carlton at July 13, 2005 09:49 AM

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