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July 13, 2005

British newspaper siding with terrorists

I'm going to quote the article out of sequence to demonstrate the bias of the reporter, Vikram Dodd:

A Muslim man has been beaten to death outside a corner shop by a gang of youths who shouted anti-Islamic abuse at him, the Guardian has learned.

...but later...

According to several sources, the man had gone to a shop around 4.30pm on Sunday to buy cigarettes, and the youths had asked him to hand them over.

When he refused they shouted that he was Taliban, a reference to the hardline Muslim government that ran Afghanistan and harboured al-Qaida terrorists.

The man was punched and fell to the ground and later died in hospital. Police have yet to officially announce the results of a postmortem examination.

He's punched, falls to the ground, and later died in the hospital and the “reporter” calls this being beaten to death?

Nottinghamshire police described the incident as racially aggravated, not as Islamophobic, angering Muslim groups and surprising some senior officers.

They say it was not connected to a backlash against Muslims following the London bombings, which has seen mosques firebombed and Muslims attacked in the street.

From the description it sounds like a mugging. The kind of slimewad who mugs people would also be the kind of slimewad that would grab whatever epithet he felt would be the most offensive to yell. That's not racism nor Islamophobia, it's simple stupidity. It's also odd that these Moslem groups seem more upset about one mugging death than the 50 some odd people blown to bits by their fellow Moslems.

[Azad] Ali[, who chairs the Muslim Safety Forum] added that the murder would stoke fears among Britain's 1.6 million Muslims: "This has sent shivers down the community. People are very worried, if this is the start of an escalation."

Idiot. Like the bombings done by Moslems aren't making all of Britain scared spitless. I'd says given that Moslems just callously and cruelly murdered 50 some-odd people, and seriously injured hundreds more, he and his other handwringing, moron friends have little to fear if the only “backlash” is a mugging gone bad. Had it been in ANY Moslem country, hundreds of people would have been slaughtered within hours of the bombing. I say people, not just non-Moslems, because recent history has shown that when Moslems in Moslem countries find any reason to get violent, they kill anyone nearby, regardless of who they are, or what religion they are. Mr. Ali is lucky to be in England, where at least he's allowed to make an idiot of himself whining about non-existent threats, without risking a murderous mob trying to kill him.

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Posted by Danny Carlton at July 13, 2005 09:32 AM

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