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July 12, 2005

California “Gay Pride” festival using pedophiles

From AgapePress:

A San Diego-based conservative Christian activist is voicing concern over recent endorsements of "gay pride" groups by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. One in particular has the activist particularly concerned.

James Hartline, a former homosexual himself, says the governor sent out affirmation letters to homosexual pride groups all over the state. However, Hartline says the governor's endorsement of San Diego's group raised some concerns. He says the letter, published in a "gay pride" program, included a photograph that should disturb parents.

"[I]n that gay pride program is a very large photograph of two registered, dangerous pedophiles who are working probably, I would say, in a voluntary capacity -- but nevertheless working for this San Diego Gay Pride organization for the event coming up," he explains.

The event, Hartline explains, is a July 29 "gay pride" parade and festival with a youth section. "They have two registered pedophiles in a supervisory capacity in this event with these kids involved," he states, a situation he says "is really horrific and ... against the law."

Of course in Politically Correct La-La Land we're supposed to pretend that there are no such things as homosexual pedophiles. I imagine a lot of the response would be like the response to the woman who just lost a law suit against Michael Jackson, “You're to blame for sending your kid there in the first place, even if we did make a big deal pretending there was nothing wrong.”

Coverage: The Narrow

Posted by Danny Carlton at July 12, 2005 08:00 AM

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