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July 13, 2005

California National Guard criticized for telling the truth

From Florida Today:

Islamic leaders and peace groups are criticizing the California National Guard for a flier posted in its headquarters suggesting the United States execute Islamic terrorists with bullets dipped in pig's blood to deny them entry to heaven.

Another flier showed a bomber with the wings and tail forming a peace sign. The caption read, “Peace the Old Fashioned Way”. This design is currently on articles for sale at the 8th Air Force Museum's web site, as well. A cartoon from a web site was also displayed, showing Yasser Arafat unloading weapons stuffed into an ambulance displaying the Moslem Red Crescent.

Oh, but get this...

Peace activists spotted the fliers during a tour last week.

The tour came after peace groups and a state senator questioned whether a new Guard unit had been formed to spy on U.S. citizens and had monitored a Mother's Day anti-war rally. A federal investigation of the allegations is underway.

Does it get any sillier than this? Why are these crackpots even being taken seriously?!?

Coverage: HyScience

Posted by Danny Carlton at July 13, 2005 09:32 AM

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