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July 26, 2005

Commentaries across the net

Daniel Pipes
British Opinion Surveys from an Islamist Hell

“Drawing on unidentified ‘intelligence,’ the government report (analyzed by me at ‘The Next London Bombing’) finds as many as 16,000 ‘British Muslims actively engaged in terrorist activity.’ Then, using standard survey research methods, the reputable YouGov polling firm interviewed 526 Muslim adults across Great Britain online during July 15-22, weighing the data to reflect the British Muslim population’s age, gender, and countries of origin. The survey found that 1 percent of them, or ‘about 16,000 individuals, declare themselves willing, possibly even eager, to embrace violence’ in the effort to bring an end to ‘decadent and immoral’ Western society.”

Dennis Prager
What the world owes Palestinians and the Left

“We need to thank Palestinians for their major contribution to humanity – religiously sanctioned mass murder of innocents through suicide. Prior to the Palestinians, this did not exist. According to the world's Left, it's OK for Palestinians to put bombs in an Israeli student cafeteria...But, alas, the anti-Israel Left (an almost redundant description), too, did not understand the genie it had helped unleash onto the world.”

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach
The penalty of being an American religious parent

“...even solidly secular countries like Canada and France, whom Americans perceive as being hostile to religion, all have government subsidies for religious schools. Only America, the most religious of them all, brutally punishes religious parents by not allowing their hard-earned tax dollars to fund their children's parochial schools.”

Mona Eltahawy
I’m done with the ‘George Bush made me do it’ excuse

“...the London bombings rid me of all patience with the excuse that ‘George Bush (or Tony Blair or take your pick of Western leaders) made me do it.’ We don't know who was behind last week’s explosions, but an Arab analyst told a satellite channel that if Tony Blair hadn’t learned the mistake of the Iraq war, these new attacks were a firm reminder...for those non-Muslims who accept the George Bush excuse, I have a question: Do you think Muslims are incapable of accepting responsibility? It is racist — or at least in some way bigoted — to think that Muslims can only react violently.”

Suzanne at Labosseuse.blogspot.com
Celebrities who can't keep their ignorant pieholes shut...

“Ricky Martin ought to stick to what he knows. The singer-turned-humanitarian is in the Middle East this week, and is vowing to change public perceptions of Arab youth... if he's trying to promote a more compassionate opinion of Arab youth, I mean, that they're peace-loving and not terrorists...shouldn't he start off by not wearing slogans that have been exciting war and bloodshed...?”

Posted by Danny Carlton at July 26, 2005 08:51 AM

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