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July 05, 2005

Democrats threaten filibuster, again

Is it a physical impossibility for Liberal Democrats to actually learn anything? Just a few weeks out from their embarrassing, failed effort to threaten a filibuster with several judicial nominees, here they are, at it again...

Members of the Senate say they will filibuster President Bush's pick to replace pro-abortion Supreme Court justice Sandra Day O'Connor, if the nominee is too conservative. The comments set up what could possibly be an intense confirmation battle.

Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy, a Democrat, told ABC's "This Week" about the filibuster possibility and hearkened back to a pro-life nominee the Senate failed to confirm nearly two decades ago, Robert Bork.

"Can we imagine what this country would be like today if Judge Bork had gone onto the Supreme Court," Kennedy asked.

Kennedy is still living in la la land if he thinks anyone's buying that old “Demon Bork” routine. Bork's been churning out best-selling books for decades now.  The only thing Kennedy ever churned was the water in Chappaquidick when he fled like a coward and let Mary Jo Kapechne drown. (He must have thought his lifeguard training was just for saving his own skin)


The Republicans already know exactly what to do with that filibuster nonsense. As we sometimes say here in Oklahoma, that dog won't hunt.

Posted by Danny Carlton at July 5, 2005 07:28 AM

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