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July 28, 2005

DHS/CPS: The Real Abusers

From WorldNetDaily...

The ordeal is finally over, but for the past year, a North Carolina family has been torn apart after state officials claimed family photos of a father kissing his baby's belly button were some kind of child abuse.

It began when Teresa Hamaty took impromptu party snapshots of her husband, Charbel, playfully embracing their naked, newborn son, Kristoff.

After dropping the film off at an Eckerd store in North Raleigh, authorities were notified.

"You see the back of the baby, and like if someone is kissing the baby's belly button," Teresa told WRAL-TV.

But police saw the worst and arrested Teresa for taking sexually explicit photos, charged her husband with felony sexual assault, and put Kristoff and his half-sister in protective custody.

Charbel Hamaty, the father, spent six-months in jail. Dozens of their friends and family, outraged at the abuse of power attended each hearing. They raise $140,000 for the Hamaty's legal and living expenses. Eventually some expert submitted a report saying that there was nothing sexual about the photos.

Meanwhile an innocent family has been traumatized. Both parents have been publicly accused of being pedophiles and had their home address published, so any nutcases that think it'd be fun to harass pedophiles could find them.

Oh, but it's “for the children” isn't it.

It's happened in every culture. Find a cause. Elevate it to infinite importance. Commit whatever atrocities you want and claim it's for that cause. We saw it during the Inquisition. Communists did it. The Nazis did it. The two most recent examples are middle-east terrorists and US social workers.

No word whether the family will be compensated for the financial burden the Raleigh police put them through. I doubt it, though. Maybe we should remember that the next time the police come by with their hand out wanting a donation. They seem to be fairly apathetic to the people who suffer due to their actions. Is their a “Fund for the Victims of Government Stupidity”?

Posted by Danny Carlton at July 28, 2005 07:55 AM

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