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July 18, 2005

Gagging at gnat, while swallowing camels

The gnat: Carl Rove mentioned something most people in the press already knew: that Joe Wilson's wife worked for the CIA.

The camel: Pretending he didn't already know this, Time magazine reporter Matt Cooper, previously willing to go to jail to “protect his sources”, suddenly remembers Carl Rove told him. Oh, and Cooper's wife? Long time Clinton advisor Mandy Grumwald.

The gnat: The Bush administration ignored what Wilson claimed his Niger report said about Hussein buying nuclear weapons material from Niger

The camel: A CIA employee appoints her husband, a known critic of the administration, to investigate a key component of the Administration's accusations against Iraq. The subsequent report was found to be unreliable by the Senate Intelligence Committee. In other words, the CIA's resources and reputation are abused to attack the Bush administration.

The gnat: The NYT still won't report on the accusation of Juanita Broderick.

The camel: But they will quote two supposed Moslems, who give obviously fake names.


Posted by Danny Carlton at July 18, 2005 06:07 AM

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