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July 21, 2005

Goggle censors at work again

From WorldNetDaily:

ChristianExodus.org, the group looking to have like-minded people move to one state to help restore godly values to government, says it's been rejected from placing ads on Google AdSense.

"After reviewing your application, our program specialists have found that it does not comply with our policies," the Google AdSense Team wrote. "We have reviewed your site and found that many of the ads that would appear on your site would not be relevant to your site's content. As the ads would not provide a valuable experience for your site's users or our advertisers, we feel that your site isn't a good fit for the AdSense program at this time."

Here's an interesting test. Go to Google, type in the keyword “gay”, just that, nothing else. Click search, and look at the right hand column to see what ads show up. That's just for the word “gay”. Now try the word “swing”. Now try the word “group”. How about “interracial”. Or “video”.

Kinda makes them look pretty stupid, doesn't it. Especially since Google “demands” that sites advertising on AdSense can not contain “Pornography, adult, or mature content”. That's why I don't use Google ads.

Posted by Danny Carlton at July 21, 2005 09:58 AM

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Good advise/info - can't really trust their system. I remember having "sexy girls" show up on a Christian site!

Posted by: chrys at July 22, 2005 01:22 AM

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