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July 28, 2005


Spammer beaten to death

While I may have dreamed of doing it — it wasn't me.

PTA promotes homosexuality

The National Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) hosted a workshop in June that stressed the need to incorporate more "gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender" (GLBT) issues in public school policies and curricula. Meanwhile, a group that presents a message of hope for homosexuals and ex-homosexuals was refused space for their own display.

Violence Against Women Act a handy tool for scorned women

“Many times a police officer's wife or ex-girlfriend will get a restraining order against him,” [columnist Glenn] Sacks says, noting that “a lot of times [restraining orders are] used as custody tactics in divorces.” So when this happens, he explains, “The officer loses his right to carry a weapon, and then he loses his job and loses his career.”

Researcher Confirms RU-486 Causes Rare Infection Killing Women

A Brown University researcher says the abortion drug RU 486 causes rare bacterial infections in women that are not usually seen anywhere else. An article scheduled to appear in the September issue of The Annals of Pharmacotherapy confirms the drug is responsible for the women's deaths.

Congress Investigates Governor's Order Requiring Pharmacies to Fill Orders for “Morning After” Pill

When questioned by Rep. Manzullo, Sheila Nix, the governor's senior policy adviser, admitted that the governor's office would not force doctors to prescribe the morning-after pill against their conscience or good medical judgment. The state's Health Care Right of Conscience Act, in the governor's interpretation, covered physicians but not pharmacists.

Abortion-Causing Birth Control Patch Manufacturer Faces Class-Action Lawsuit

Ortho Evra manufacturer, Ortho McNeil, is facing a lawsuit filed by 10 women Monday for damages related to use of its abortifacient so-called birth-control patch. The women, who all suffered from strokes or serious blood clots, described the drug as “unreasonably dangerous,” and “defectively designed,”

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