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July 12, 2005

London Moslem leader endorses targeting civilians

From a MEMRI translation of Al Jazeera interview with Dr. Hani Al-Siba'i, Director of London's Al-Maqreze Centre for Historical Studies:

Host: "But, forgive me, targeting civilians... You, as a Muslim and as the director of a center for Islamic history... Is targeting wretched civilians considered brave or manly?"

Al-Siba'i: "I think... The man [bin Laden] addressed these peoples so that they would pressure their governments. He told them: We did not attack you. You have been attacking us for more than two centuries, and your campaign continues. He said to them simply: Withdraw your soldiers from the Arabian Peninsula, withdraw from Afghanistan and Palestine..."

Host: "Excuse me, Is Sheik Osama bin Laden a religious scholar, who issues fatwas, or is he the head of Al-Qa'ida?"

Al-Siba'i: "First of all, he is one of this [Islamic] nation. Allah... We have no clergy, or a pope, or anything like this. Anyone can carry out his religious duty, even if he is by himself."

Host: "Mr. Hani, issuing fatwas is done by religious scholars."

Al-Siba'i: "He has a Shura council, he has religious scholars... He wanted to debate with other scholars, but they refused. He asked to discuss matters with them, but they refused."

Host: "The question, in short, is whether the religious scholars... Sir, the religious law assembly in Mecca at the end of last month issued a fatwa forbidding the killing of civilians. Should we follow it or Osama bin Laden?"

Al-Siba'i: "These assemblies resemble the assemblies of the Church. These assemblies forbid young people from going to Iraq to fight the Jihad. These assemblies... The Higher Religious Authority [in Saudi Arabia] are the ones who allowed the presence of Crusader forces in the Land of the Two Holy Places (Saudi Arabia). These assemblies..."

Host: "Mr. Hani, make no mistake. The same assembly ruled that Jihad in Iraq is allowed against soldiers. Even Sheik Osama [sic.] Al-Makdisi, Abu Mus'ab Al-Zarqawi's mentor... Okay. Abu Hani, okay... He asked Al-Zarqawi not to kill civilians and to attack only the Americans... I mean, only soldiers..."

Al-Siba'i: "The term 'civilians' does not exist in Islamic religious law. Dr. Karmi is sitting here, and I am sitting here, and I'm familiar with religious law. There is no such term as 'civilians' in the modern Western sense. People are either of Dar Al-Harb or not.

"These institutes, like the Islamic Association [of Britain], represent white-collar people, the effendis, people with 'prestige.' They only represent their own interests and do not mix in society. They don't know... Ask other Muslims... People see them only on their TV screens. They don't participate in the demonstrations for the poor. They are not interested in people's problems. We invite them, and they don't show up."

While Moslems who are using their religion as an excuse to slaughter innocent people, remain silent, vermin like this continue to fan the flames of bigotry and hatred, and more innocent people die. Here's a tip to peaceful Moslems: If you don't want the war on terror to become a war on Islam, don't let idiots like Dr. Hani Al-Siba'i get away with defining Islam.

Dr. Siba'i may have a surprise waiting for him if he tries to return to England, though. Backordering the UK Telegraph...

...New laws to catch people planning acts of terrorism will be fast-tracked through Parliament if the police and security services investigating the London bombings want extra powers, Tony Blair promised yesterday.

As the first of more than 50 victims of the blasts was officially named, Mr Blair said the Government was considering clamping down on radical Muslim clerics who were "inciting hatred"....

Mr Blair said it seemed probable that the bombs had been planted by "Islamist extremist terrorists" of the kind responsible for September 11 and last year's attacks on trains in Madrid.

And he's just given them all the proof they need.

Posted by Danny Carlton at July 12, 2005 07:50 AM

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