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July 07, 2005

Man arrested for saving a life


Abed Duamni, 35, of Houston, said he had just finished eating at a restaurant Sunday when he decided to go for a swim in a nearby river. Duamni said he didn’t see any signs warning swimmers of dangerous currents.

[Dave] Newman said he pulled Duamni out of the water, swimming under a waterfall and over to the shore opposite from the restaurant. He could hear law enforcement personnel telling him to come back to the other side.

But although Newman saved the man's life, police, apparently angered at being shown up, arrested Newman on charges of “interfering with public duties”

“I was amazed,” Newman said Monday after his release on $2,000 bail. “I had a very uncomfortable night after saving that guy’s life. He thanked me for it in front of the police, and then they took me to jail.”

Dave should be grateful. At least he wasn't charged as a sex-offender.

Posted by Danny Carlton at July 7, 2005 07:51 AM

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You have child molesters, drug pushers, con artists rapists and serial killers all running loose and a police officer looking to arrest people who save the lives of other people. Is this a joke? Am I a little confused? This could not be correct.

I once found a wallet with everything in it including credit cards, money, a Social Security card and a drivers's license. I returned the wallet to its owner with everything in it. The owner of the wallet sent me a dozen beautiful roses with a thank you card. Would this police officer come to arrest me for returning the wallet?



Posted by: Sherry Vonde at July 9, 2005 05:32 PM

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