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July 04, 2005

Man tries to save girls life, declared “sex-offender”

From WorldNetDaily:

A man who grabbed a 14-year-old girl's arm to chastise her after she walked in front of his car, causing him to swerve to avoid hitting her, must register as a "sex offender," the Appellate Court of Illinois has ruled.

Fitzroy Barnaby, a 28-year-old Evanston, Illinois, man was prosecuted for attempted kidnapping and child abduction charges following a November 2002 incident in which he nearly hit the teen with his vehicle....

The trial jury accepted Barnaby's version of the story, but found him guilty of unlawful restraint of a minor – a sex offense under Illinois law.

As a convicted sex offender, Barnaby is required to be listed on the state's sex offender registry and must keep authorities informed of his place of residency. He also isn't allowed to live near schools or parks. The Illinois Sex Offender Information website, operated by the Illinois State Police, lists those in the registry, along with their photographs and home addresses.

There are two very serious problems with this outrage. One, children will die, because people will be afraid to help, lest they too be labeled a sex-offender. Second, the title of sex-offender will become less and less the serious label it is now, until it may very well become an anachronism. The result will be that real sex-offenders will become empowered by the overzealous idiocy of courts like these.

coverage: Right Thinking Girl, Professor Bainbridge

Posted by Danny Carlton at July 4, 2005 12:26 PM

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