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July 08, 2005

Methodist minister suspended for obeying scripture

From AgapePress:

Last month, Bishop Charlene Kammerer of the United Methodist Church (UMC) Virginia Annual Conference intervened in the case and declared that Pastor Edward Johnson was obligated to accept a homosexual man as a member of South Hill Methodist Church. After Johnson declined, Kammerer placed him on an involuntary leave of absence until he complies with her request.

Mark Tooley, director of the United Methodist Action Committee for the Institute on Religion and Democracy, says the suspension is disturbing on several levels.

"Most obviously she was compromising the ability of local clergy to make their own decisions as to whether or not someone is prepared to join the church," Tooley asserts. "And United Methodist teachings do say that when you join the church, you are expected to uphold the beliefs of the church and to show repentance in your life."...

According to Tooley, the homosexual man involved is proud and unrepentant of his sinful lifestyle, and seemingly wants to make himself a test case against the church's teachings. That being the case, the IRD spokesman says Pastor Johnson was justified in denying the man membership.

I'm wondering how Bishop Charlene managed to become the “husband of one wife” that is one of the biblical requirements for the office of bishop.

Posted by Danny Carlton at July 8, 2005 08:06 AM

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