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July 11, 2005

Movement to take Souter's home still alive!!

From WorldNetDaily:

An effort by a Los Angeles advertising entrepreneur to persuade the city fathers of Weare, N.H., to turn the tables on Souter by seizing his home and building a hotel on the site is gaining steam.

Logan Darrow Clements and his company, Free Star Media, are now collecting online contributions from the public to support the project.

"There's lots of work that still needs to be done to accomplish our objectives," Clements told WND. "But I am confident we can be successful. This is a way ordinary Americans can fight back – not just against Souter, but against local officials who abuse their authority and callously seize the homes of law-abiding citizens out of sheer greed."

The town of Weare has been inundated with calls in support of the proposal since WND first publicized the story of how Clements plans to turn eminent domain against one of its champions. ....

"Am I taking this seriously? But of course," [Chip] Meany [, the code enforcement officer of Weare,] told the Associated Press. "In lieu of the recent Supreme Court decision, I would imagine that some people are pretty much upset. If it is their right to pursue this type of end, then by all means let the process begin."  ...

The first step in the process, said Clements, is to get the Weare Board of Selectmen to vote in favor of the seizure. However, even if that action is unsuccessful, Clements says citizens in the town can and will draft a ballot initiative to accomplish the objective.

It's about time Americans started realizing that it's our job to keep our government from abusing us.

Posted by Danny Carlton at July 11, 2005 07:36 AM

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This is the type of irony you cannot make up. I hope they pursue this until Souter starts to squirm.

Posted by: Billy Budd at July 11, 2005 10:12 PM

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