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July 22, 2005

No to Ten Commandments, yes to sex toys

Liberals argue that a monument containing the Ten Commandments on government property is illegal because someone might construe it to mean the government endorses Christianity although the Ten Commandments are part of Judaism as well as Islam). They argue that a cross on government land, or even on land once owned by the government, also is illegal because, once again, someone might be offended and misconstrue it as endorsement for religion.

But the state of Colorado, even though they are in a budget crisis, awarded $5,000 to an artist who created a display of numerous sex-toys hanging by hooks.

From KUSA-TV on Colorado....

Gov. Bill Owens is weighing in on the debate over an artist given a $5000 state fellowship grant after viewing her work of art depicting sex toys on hooks.

"Obviously, this is offensive and in extremely poor taste," said Governor Owens who couldn't view the piece himself, but had it described to him by staffers. The Governor is in Washington D.C. attending an awards ceremony for the University of Northern Colorado Business School. The artist, Tsehai Johnson of Denver, received a Fellowship from the Colorado Council of the Arts in 2003.

The work originally titled "Twelve [term for specific sex toy] on Hooks" was one of several pieces submitted to the Council by Johnson who was applying for the grant. The work was completed in 2000.

In an interview with 9News, Tsehai Johnson described the piece, "They're meant to be sex toys, but sex toys that are talking about a lot of issues." She had to get the work out of storage to show it to 9News. Johnson changed the title of the piece before submitting the work when applying for the fellowship. She told 9News she changed the title for artistic reasons. "I wanted the title to be a little more open ended so that it didn't become so easily dismissed," she said.

But then this is mild compared to some of the other stuff that taxpayers have been forced to pay for in the name of “art”.

Posted by Danny Carlton at July 22, 2005 09:31 AM

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