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July 26, 2005

Old photos of aftermath of Nagasaki discovered

From the Japan Times...

The Japan Map Center has found 29 negatives of aerial photographs of Nagasaki taken by the U.S. military a day after it dropped an atomic bomb on the city in 1945, in a discovery expected to help reveal the immediate effects of the attack.

The pictures, taken by a U.S. reconnaissance plane flying over the devastated city Aug. 10, 1945, were found at the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration.

Nagasaki, August 7th, 1945

Two days before being nuked

Nagasaki, August 10th, 1945

The day after...

Maybe we should send these photos to those Middle East countries that want to blame us for everything bad in the world, and send terrorists over here...

This is your country...

This is your country after you tried to kill a bunch of us...

...any questions?

Didn't think so.

Posted by Danny Carlton at July 26, 2005 08:47 AM

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