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July 22, 2005

Priests refusal to endorse immorality called "excessive zeal"

From the London Times...

Father Giuseppe Mazzotta, parish priest at Marcellinara, near Catanzaro in Calabria, said that he had denied a Christian funeral to Maria Francesca Tallarico, who died of breast cancer at the age of 45, because she had lived with her partner but never married him. Her partner was separated and had an 11-year-old daughter.

“She lived with her lover, so she was a public sinner,” Father Mazzotta said. “I decided not to celebrate an official Mass for this woman, who was not in communion with the Church.”

Father Mazzotta said that he had performed the liturgy of absolution for the dead. He added that he was close to the dead woman’s family and had offered them “words of comfort”.

Father Antonio Sciortino, the Editor of Famiglia Cristiana, a popular Catholic magazine, accused Father Mazzotta of “excessive zeal”. Mario Paraboschi, a local councillor, said that he was perplexed. Father Mazzotta said that his action carried a message: “Marriage is a sacrament. We cannot simply pretend.”

The priest’s decision has underlined the growing power of conservative Catholicism in Italy. The liberal and secular Left is increasingly alarmed by the return to “Catholic values” in politics and everyday life, which has clear implications for the general election, due next May.

Of course, this is in Europe, but Europe seems to be ahead of in this mad dash to mindless secularism, so it pays to watch them closely.

I know some will say that this is cruel and heartless to do to a grieving family, but think about it. What does a religion mean if it can be twisted and reformed to satisfy the emotional whims of anyone that wants to claim they belong to it? If she was really a Catholic, then she should have known what Catholicism teaches about adultery and fornication. She certainly wasn't concerned enough about her religion to modify her behavior. Why should people then demand that the Catholic church violate it's teaching to endorse the woman's immoral choices?

It's also ironic that while we have so many secular people demanding restriction on the religious, lest we force our beliefs on them, the secular seem to have no problem with those secular people who like to pretend to be religious, forcing their lack of belief on the sincerely religious.

Posted by Danny Carlton at July 22, 2005 09:30 AM

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