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July 26, 2005

So when is it a "hate" crime?

A week ago...

Five white men were charged in a racially motived beating of a black man in the Seneca-Babcock area early Saturday, Buffalo police said.

Brian Hunt of Imson Street said the men approached him with a baseball bat and struck him and screamed racial slurs at about 2:30 a.m. Saturday, according to South District officers who later caught the men.

During the beating, the men threw bricks at Hunt's house, police said, adding that the men yelled he should "get out of our neighborhood."

Hunt suffered bruises and cuts to his head and other parts of his body from the attack, but he did not require hospitalization. Police said he was able to assist them in the investigation.

The men were arrested and charged with a hate crime.

A few days ago...

Five black teenagers are accused of roaming through a Lovejoy neighborhood late Friday night, shouting racially charged threats and stabbing three young white men, including a recently discharged Marine....

"If people are angry at one another, they try to wound each other's feelings, and they call each other names. It doesn't mean, "I'm a racist,' " [Lt. Margaret Sack, who is investigating the incident] said of the racial slurs.

The teenagers were arrest, but were not charged with a hate crime.

You know what causes racial tension? When people feel they are being treated unfairly because of their race. Why is that so hard for police and District Attorney's to get? If 5 white guys, yelling racial epithets, beating up a Black guy is a hate crime, then why is 5 Black guys, yelling racial epithets and stabbing 3 white guys, not?

It seems the biggest instigators of tension are the authorities misusing the hate crime statutes.

Posted by Danny Carlton at July 26, 2005 08:49 AM

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