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July 15, 2005

Video educates people about escaping homosexuality

From AgapePress:

In October, churches, libraries, and colleges will be showing a documentary to raise dialogue concerning alternatives for people who experience same-sex attraction.

The documentary I Do Exist features five former homosexuals who share their testimonies about choosing to leave the homosexual lifestyle. During the week of October 8-15, the video will be shown by groups across the United States that believe homosexuals can change. The film, which conveys the message no one is born a homosexual, premiered last year as a way to counter a "homosexual pride" celebration called National Coming Out Day.

I Do Exist producer, Dr. Warren Throckmorton, says the video affirms that an individual's identity is defined by his or her commitment to absolute truth.

"Many people are skeptical that people can change their sexual feelings. Even broader than that, many people are skeptical that we as humans have choices about our identity," the Grove City College professor says. "Many people in our culture today believe that what we feel defines who we are. However, there is another view. What you feel does not define who you are."

For supposedly “not existing” I know about as many former homosexuals as I do homosexuals. And yes, I do know quite a few homosexuals.

Posted by Danny Carlton at July 15, 2005 09:03 AM

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