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July 27, 2005

Why Evolutionists fear ID

OpEd by Harold Daigle Jr. at 2theAdvocate.com...

If you read the letters to the editor by evolutionists, you will find that evolution today is no longer a science but a fundamentalist, close-minded religion (Jim Stone letter, July 13, "Intelligent Design old, false argument").

The reason the fundamentalist evolutionists become so upset with competing theories is not because it threatens their science, but it threatens their faith.

If you want to test this idea, just make this statement to any fundamentalist evolutionist: "I do not believe evolution as presented." Notice I did not say I do not believe in evolution, only that I do not believe their theories. You will find people such as Mr. Stone will call you a heathen, a blasphemer and an infidel. Sound familiar?

Evolution as practiced today has become a right-wing, close-minded fundamentalist religion. If you do not convert you will be persecuted. If evolution is a real science I could question it without persecution. In academics, if I question established ideas, I am considered intellectual, except for evolution.

Here is how science works today. You make a discovery, then you make up a story about evolution that sounds like it could have happened. If I discover something about genetics, I am forced by the science establishment to make up a story about how evolution did this. The real irony about this is that evolutionists laugh at silly Bible stories, while their stories about evolution sound as ridiculous as genetic mutations will turn us all into Spiderman and X Men one day.

It is the responsibility of evolutionists to present a theory that I can accept. It is not my responsibility to just believe. If your theories about evolution are so weak that no one believes you, then it is your fault. The reason you are losing the debate is you have taken the science of evolution and turned it into just one of those old, prehistoric religions of worshiping stones, animals, celestial bodies etc.

Yeah, what he said.

Posted by Danny Carlton at July 27, 2005 07:55 AM

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Science is not a democracy.
It is not the responsibility of Scientists to find a "story that Mr. Daigle can believe", but rather to put together a TESTABLE HYPOTHESIS that best explains the OBSERVABLE FACTS on hand.

So far, I have heard no theory to challenge the theory of evolution in this discipline. Fact is, ID with its reliance on supernatural and therefore entirely unobservable phenomena, EXPLAINS NOTHING AT ALL and is therefore unscientific.

Posted by: Reverend Roder at July 30, 2005 10:22 AM

Closed minds have a hard time hearing opposing viewpoints. There are no minds more closed than those of Evolutionist zealots bound and determined to force their religion on the rest of the world -- at taxpayer expense.

Posted by: Danny Carlton at July 30, 2005 10:53 AM

Speak for yourself, my friend.
I do not have even a semi-hard time listening to the drivel that comes out of creationists mouths - in fact, I enjoy debating them, otherwise I would not be here.

But, like wise man Hubert Humphrey once said:
"The right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken seriously."

This goes for crackpot science more than for anything else. I repeat what I have said in my other post: There is NO REAL CONTROVERSY ABOUT the theory AND fact of evolution. You can watch it in Bacteria all the time - how they are getting resistant against antibiotics, take on different properties and even change appearance over generations.

In fact, it is just the closed mind of people like you who can't accept that over millions of years and under observation of universal laws, this also happens to larger lifeforms.

The unnecessary taxpayer expense is created by your constant attempts to push your religious, anti-scientific agenda into schools.

- m.

Posted by: Reverend Roder at July 30, 2005 01:53 PM

You lack the basic scientific understanding to distinguish between variations within a species and speciation, yet you claim to know that the religion of Evolution is a fact. You behave like any other religious zealot, blinded to anything but his faith in his chosen religion.

Posted by: Danny Carlton at July 30, 2005 09:46 PM

O Boy,

Here he goes with the ad-hominems.
Speciation is an event that we hadn't even dicussed so far, so I fail to see how you can infer that I don't understand it.

The distinction between micro- and macro-evolution that you are hinting at is an arbitrary one. I am more than willing to discuss the problems you seem to having with the latter's existence.

And no, I do NOT behave like a zealot, since I am still discussing the matter, being open to evidence, and not factualy claiming that I am right - like a certain other person here.

Posted by: Reverend Roder at July 31, 2005 05:50 AM

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