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August 12, 2005

Air America's scam

I've only been partially interested in the recent shenanigans of the Liberals at Air America. I know it's an opportunity to rub their faces in their hypocrisy, but that's really a daily occurrence.

The thumbnail view of the scandal is that former Air America CEO Evan Cohen convinced the leadership of the Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club to “invest” quite a large sum of money in the network. The money is now claimed to have been a loan, yet it appears none of it's been paid back. Meanwhile both the Club and the Liberal network struggle financially.

Air America's defense has been that since they fired Evan Cohen that today's Air America is a completely different entity than the Air America that Evan Cohen ran. Wouldn't that be great if all criminals could use that excuse?!?

“Well, y'see your honor, I changed shirts since then, so the guy that robbed that bank is gone and I'm a completely different person now, so you shouldn't be putting me on trial. Oh, just to show I'm really nice now, I'll go ahead and pay back the money --eventually.”

What makes the mess even smellier is the blatant unwillingness of the MSM to cover it. A few have mentioned it, but the bigger ones pretend it's not happening. hat tends to rile up Conservatives, and is like gasoline on the fire of Conservative bloggers' outrage.

But according the New York Post more than just reporting from bloggers has happened...

The Bronx social-services organization that made a controversial loan to the Air America radio network has been rocked by more high-level staff departures, sources said.

Just days after the executive director abruptly resigned following Post reports that the club had provided $875,000 in bizarre loans to Air America, two other top officials at the Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club have quit.

Acting executive director Lorraine Corva — who took over after Charles Rosen suddenly resigned last week — will be leaving her job on Aug. 26, sources said.

Assistant executive director Jeff Aulenback also resigned, effective immediately, sources said.

Their departures from the embattled social-services agency are tied to the ongoing fallout from the highly unusual and possibly improper loan to Air America, as well as other dubious fiscal practices, sources said.

And today, finally, almost a week late, the New York Times mentions it...in the small headlines at the bottom of the New York/Region section...

The state attorney general's office and the city's Department of Investigation are looking into whether a boys and girls club serving poor children and ailing elderly people in the Bronx had improper financial dealings, including loans to the Air America radio network, state and city officials said yesterday.

The separate investigations are trying to determine whether the Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club, run from an office in Co-op City in the Bronx, made improper loans of up to $875,000 to the radio network, known for its liberal programming and hosts like the comedian Al Franken, the officials said.

The rest is a regurgitation of what hundreds if not thousands of bloggers have already reported. So much for being the newspaper of record.

Coverage: Captain's Quarters (also here), Michelle Malkin, WizBang, Stones Cry Out

Posted by Danny Carlton at August 12, 2005 09:17 AM

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