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August 08, 2005

Britain finally gets tough with extremists

From the London Telegraph...

Islamic extremists who incite violence or praise suicide attacks in Britain could face charges of treason, it emerged yesterday.

The head of the anti-terrorism department at the Crown Prosecution Service will meet senior officers at Scotland Yard this week to discuss what charges could be brought against preachers whose endorsement of the suicide attacks could incite further acts of terrorism.

The Government is focusing on three Islamic radicals living in Britain: Omar Bakri Mohammed, Abu Izzadeen and Abu Uzair.

Bakri has been of particular concern after urging Muslims not to give information to the police and apparently calling the July 7 suicide bombers "the fantastic four".

The move is an attempt to clamp down on extremists even before new legislation is drawn up and as the first of those accused of the failed bombings on July 21 is due to appear in court.

...and in the London Times...

On a Friday evening late in July a small group of young Asian men gathered secretly in the grounds of a Victorian manor house on the edge of Epping Forest, east of London, to listen to their master....Among them was an undercover reporter from The Sunday Times....

As they chatted the reporter was asked if he would be willing to wear a “strap” — slang for a suicide bomb belt. He laughed the suggestion off nervously and was relieved when everyone smiled.

At 8pm a bulky figure with a long beard and flowing white robe picked his way across the open field in the twilight with the aid of a walking stick. Two hours late, Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed had finally arrived....

During a two-month undercover investigation The Sunday Times has amassed hours of taped evidence and pages of transcripts which show how Bakri and his acolytes promote hatred of “non-believers” and “egg” their followers on to commit acts of violence, including suicide bombings....

In his two months with the sect, our reporter witnessed a gang of Bakri’s followers brutally beating up a Muslim who challenged their views. He listened as a succession of “religious leaders” ridiculed moderate Muslims and repeatedly justified war against the “kuffar” — non-Muslims....

At their meetings — which often included school-age teenagers — they were fed a constant diet of propaganda warning that the kuffar are out to destroy them.

Integration with British society is scorned, as is any form of democratic process. Followers are encouraged to exploit the benefits system. They avoid jobs which could bring them into contact with western women or might lead them to contribute to the economy of a nation they are taught to despise.

...meanwhile in the London Daily Mail...

Speaking after the Prime Minister announced his clampdown, father-of-seven Sheik Omar Bakri said: "I have wives, children, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law. It would be hard on my family if I was deported."

Since Syrian-born Bakri settled in Britain, he and his extended family have raked in benefits amounting to at least £300,000 [about $532,437 US Dollars].

He is registered disabled because of an injury to his leg during his childhood, and was recently supplied with a £31,000 [about $55,000] Ford Galaxy under the Motability scheme.

Bakri, who lives in a £200,000 [about $354,958] home in North London, tops up his £250 [about $443]-a-week benefit payments with an extra £50 [about $89] incapacity allowance.

He has praised the September 11 terrorists as 'magnificent', called Israel 'a cancer' and said homosexuals should be 'thrown from Big Ben'.

In January, he declared that Britain had become a 'land of war', and called on Muslims to unite behind Al Qaeda. He has supported suicide bombings and urged his followers to kill non-Muslims ' wherever, whenever'.

And though our government was wasting what's taken from us in taxes.

Coverage: Right Wing News, Don Singleton

Posted by Danny Carlton at August 8, 2005 07:44 AM

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